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Black-and-White Russians in Living Color

Because of a change in Internet service providers, The Sea Pearl’s publishing schedule was interrupted this past week. So I’m going to do something I never do (“Never? Well, hardly ever.”), which is to publish a link to somebody else’s site. (I rarely refer to private websites, which often disappear, but this one is really special. You have to see it to believe it.)

My other half sometimes shouts with joy when he discovers old Kodachrome photos online. Recently he came across colorized black-and-white photographs taken during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Russia.

He is now feverishly working on an article for a regional arts magazine about the amazing skills of Olga Shirnina, the woman who colorized them. Her work is so fascinating that I thought my readers would be interested in seeing how she does this in Photoshop. In this video you get to watch her demonstrate on a black-and-white photo of actress Marlene Dietrich. I couldn’t take my eyes off this video, and that’s saying something for this short attention span.

Visit her blog here and watch Tolstoy, the Romanovs, Russian peasants, bolsheviks, actors and many more from other countries and centuries come to life in living color. It feels like they are still breathing!

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