The Up-Naming of the One-Bloods

This is a true fictitious history related to me by Tom Bagley of Daybreak, who was named “Wind Trapper” by the Great Majesty. It is the first time I have ever made this account public concerning the people known to me as the One-Bloods, how they lost their true names, and how some recovered their right and proper names again due to a miraculous event known among them as “Up-Naming.” Is this story true? You decide.
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Facing Life Full On

You don’t have to participate in the society that people who hate you and your values created. That’s the truth. I never thought I’d be standing on the stage suggesting that people opt out of the popular society, but that is exactly what I’m suggesting.” ~Tucker Carlson

Way finding. Engineering your life. That’s exactly what I’ve been preaching lately and that’s exactly why, when I heard Tucker Carlson’s long soliloquy on the topic of how to manage in a world that is hell-bent on eliminating your “kind,” I knew it was important to share this weighty matter. (It goes right in there with Lifestyle Mapping and Finding Your Purpose.) Continue reading “Facing Life Full On”

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Beyond the Silver Glass

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Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. ~Rilke

How I went from what’s in the mirror to who I am on my own terms

Plenty of books will tell you everything you need to know about your best colors, lines, and ways of presenting yourself. Actually, it seems there is way too much (and conflicting) information out there. So what am I telling you that’s new? Continue reading “Beyond the Silver Glass”