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Unified Theory of Aesthetics

For a very long time I’ve intended to write out my unified theory of aesthetics. Perhaps one day I’ll have time to refine it further, but at least the basic idea remains as a permanent reference on my other site, Beyond the Silver Glass. I learned so much in the discovery of this principle that I can’t even begin to express what it has opened up for me. Its premise could probably be reworked for so many fields besides aesthetics and making the world a more beautiful place. I think of health, mechanics, engineering, physics, who knows. . . But for me, it is a huge “pearl” of discovery. It is a way of organizing one’s thoughts, staying on track, not getting discouraged in the face of obstacles, and not staying in a frozen mindset.

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When You Can’t Figure Out How to Proceed

During these summer months I have paused work on The Sea Pearl because 1) I was physically busier than normal, 2) a co-author and I resigned unexpectedly from another publication (a long story) and started scrambling for another venue, and 3) I had an ongoing family emergency.

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Battling the Whirlpool

. . . the best way forward for all of us individually and together is to turn grief into resolve and continue the struggle to save this planet from randomness, carelessness, ugliness, wastefulness, and superficiality . . .

Stefanos Polyzoides, Dean, School of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, on the passing of Richard Driehaus

This isn’t the way we planned last week. The ride was smooth all the way, until we sailed straight into a whirlpool.

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