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When Life, Education, and Career Don’t Connect

This is for a beautiful woman I had a conversation with one solitary evening. She knows who she is.

Sleter, Francesco; A Representation of the Liberal Arts: Ceiling Design for the State Dining Room at Grimsthorpe Castle; Tate.

We were discussing the frustrations of our lives and how we are both at “that certain age” with college degrees and no place to use them. A lot of people are experiencing this now, at all ages, and not just women. Continue reading “When Life, Education, and Career Don’t Connect”

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Plum Tuckered

You might not call this a “better living” site, at least not in the sense that I tell people how to clean their houses or how long to keep food in the refrigerator. Yet sometimes life floods in, uninvited, and we must deal with it. That’s how things go at Plum Cottage where I live and work.

Last year, one of us did a major pruning job at the wrong time of the year (not saying who!). Our beautiful plum trees, which never had a problem before, developed a massive leaf roller infestation and we lost 95% of our crop. Continue reading “Plum Tuckered”

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Living and Working at Plum Cottage

We inherited a sickly whitish-lavender house, but invented this color for it. These are the wonderful poppies that sprang up one year out of the blue, which I’ve been encouraging ever since.

The house where I live and work is not old compared to many places, but it has acquired a respectable patina. Its timeworn charm and singular stand of fruit trees distinguish it from neighboring properties. “Plum Cottage” was the only fitting name for this vintage 1921 bungalow, which retains the refreshing humility of a bygone era before automobiles or televisions became must-haves in every household. An electric trolley ran down the main street in front of the house, but as the neighborhood aged, the trolley went away. Continue reading “Living and Working at Plum Cottage”