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The Dragon in the Room

Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery. ~ Bari Weiss, American opinion writer and editor, in her resignation letter (July 14, 2020) to The New York Times

National Gallery of Slovenia / Public domain

My ability to write what I want has been bogged down of late by an overwhelming sense of grief over a nation coming apart at the seams. Continue reading “The Dragon in the Room”


Pablo the Wanderer

An Adventurous Life


Yesterday an old friend blew into town. An unequaled raconteur, Pablo spent most of the evening describing his (wild) adventures all over the world, how he got his degree in physics, what it was like hobnobbing with fencing masters, and how his grandfather, a Neapolitan immigrant, started a successful candy business and saved a lot of people’s fortunes during the Great Depression. I listened to his theory of the origin of the universe and his explanation that the true purpose of meditation is not to empty the mind but to focus it. He is an enormous soul in a small package. Continue reading “Pablo the Wanderer”