Cattywampus Day

What is Cattywampus Day?

Cattywampus Day is a non-consumer holiday that I invented to celebrate “life and love.” Its theme colors are any combination of green and white that suit you. Green stands for “life” and white stands for “love.”

Why Cattywampus Day?

It was created for those who are tired of holidays that create obligations to buy, buy, buy. Obligatory consumerism and pressure to buy something for absolutely everybody leads to debt, frazzled nerves, and the feeling that “none of this is sincere.” Additionally, many families have clusters of birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations in certain months of the year and this is one option for them.

On a personal note, I invented it because neither my husband nor I can remember holidays or birthdays worth a flip. We even got married on my birthday so we’d have one less date to keep up with. If I miss your birthday, it’s only because I hold you more in my heart than in my calendar. You’re likely to get affirmations from me at completely inappropriate times–like when you have a dire emergency, in which case I will be the first on hand to save you! I don’t plan this–it’s just the way I’m wired. (I do try, though.)

Why the silly name?

The Day itself stands somewhat cockeyed to materialistic and time-pressured cultural expectations.

How do you celebrate Cattywampus Day?

Cattywampus Day is a time to be grateful for all that you have materially and spiritually, to celebrate your love for other persons in non-consumer ways that are sincere. It may be a day when you collapse several holidays or events into one.

“There’s rosemary for remembrance.” Photo credit: neal..patel on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

You may choose to light green and white candles. Plants make a good choice, too–rosemary is for remembrance. However you decide to celebrate, it’s entirely up to you. Just remember what is appropriate for the green-and-white theme of “life and love.” Here are few things you may choose to do on Cattywampus Day:

  • Send a message of appreciation to those you have neglected for too long
  • Honor those who have invested in your life with a dinner at home–perhaps your parents, two good friends, a mentor
  • Have a round table sharing of everyone’s blessings for the year
  • Make an inventory and forgive those who have wronged you
  • Give someone something you made just for them
  • Remember special people who have passed on
  • Collapse holidays and birthdays into one happy occasion (no consumer presents, remember!)

Remember that Cattywampus Day can include time-specific events or just a set of special things that you do for the occasion.

When is Cattywampus Day?

Although official Cattywampus Day is April 6, it can really be held any time of the year–that is the beauty of it. (I even have a half-year celebration marker, which I call “Cattywampus Jr.” on Oct. 6.) One may simply declare a personal Cattywampus Day as it suits the lifestyle. Hence, no more trying to juggle work schedules and conflicting birthdays, anniversaries, holy days, etc. But remember, it counts best as a single time of the year when you honor life, beauty, happiness, holiness, and love in a way that isn’t possible on other holidays.