Kenya Pearls

Most sites like mine support causes or organizations. I am trying to support people. Here are two very special families in Kenya I support as I am able.


Marita is a woman of immense dignity with a divine destiny ahead of her. I feel it in her strength, her resilience, her graciousness, and her faith.

Marita and her twins, Bahati (boy) and Riziki (girl) have been assaulted numerous times in their neighborhood.  A few weeks ago Bahati went to the hospital after another child hit him in the head with a piece of metal. As soon as he came home, other children  tried to strangle him with his own shirt. Riziki has been sexually assaulted twice, and Marita has had attempts made on her life in the middle of the night.

She and her children were sleeping on the floor for several years, until several people pooled their resources to get her a mattress. The video she sent me later was so very, very touching.

Goals: We would like to move Marita and her children to a safer neighborhood but we don’t have the funds yet. There are also ongoing needs for food.

Two Brothers

These two orphaned brothers, Onuonga (18) and Bravin (12) were rescued from the street. Onuonga was 12 and Bravin was 6 when their father was killed in a post-election uprising. Their mother later died from complications brought on by stress. With both parents gone, the boys were chased out of their house by uncles who wanted their father’s property. They have regained the property and now have a place to live.

Goals: Onuonga wants to become a contractor so he can support Bravin. He must go to school for three years. We are still trying to raise the rest of Bravin’s school tuition. So far he has a uniform and new shoes. School has been delayed because of Covid-19, so there is still time.

Our main concern right now is establishing a small cushion for food emergencies. We have been up against the wire with children going hungry before we can raise funds for them.

If you are interested in donating, please contact me. I will put you in touch with the party who handles that. Thank you for considering helping in this way.