–Silence is not Absence–

It has been silent around here lately, but very busy with all sorts of projects for the winter.

First of all, a friend contacted me recently to let me know that he is publishing an updated version of a work, The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart, by Jan Comenius [Komensky](1592-1670), Czech  philosopher, pedagogue and theologian. Although the piece was written some centuries ago, there is still much relevant in it — especially for the young — about where one wishes to go in life, what activities are worth pursuing, and what it all amounts to. And although I mention the “young,” there is also much in it for the older crowd, upon reflection. The work resembles Pilgrim’s Progress in its style, as its main character is guided upon his path by two odd persons with the allegorical names of “Mr. Ubiquitous” and “Mr. Delusion.” In spirit, the work reminds me of two wisdom books of the Bible: Ecclesiastes, and to lesser extent, the Proverbs. I am giving it a once-over now and hope to write a short recommendation. Will definitely let you know when it becomes available.

Secondly, winter is coming on and I am working like mad to stock up so we don’t have to go anywhere until March. It’s the end of the harvest from summer’s garden, so you can imagine the work–though it’s not too bad this year since I was derailed from planting all that I wanted after breaking my wrist in March. It’s all better, but the healing process still hurts.

However, one happy outcome is that I can finally sew again. It has been years since my last major sewing project, and I just happened to find some fabric I’ve been trying to put to some use. I finally found a vintage skirt pattern I like. I really cannot stand most of the sewing projects available in the stores nowadays, but when I found this old pattern, I found what I think is a guide to a better quality piece of clothing. I totally recommend that if you cannot find what you want in the stores, get a good vintage pattern even if you have to hunt high and low (unless you are advanced enough to make your own). If you find a pattern in an ideal silhouette, you can use it the rest of your life with minor adjustments. You won’t be boring at all — it will just become your ‘style’. All you need do is find some butcher paper or some other paper large enough to trace it on, and you will not have to worry about your pattern falling apart. I actually found two vintage patterns with different styling but the same silhouette, and I could continue to use those if no new styles ever came along.


I’m very excited about the article my husband has coming out in Art Chowder magazine next month. I will be linking a twin article from The Sea Pearl to the Art Chowder article — first time we’ve ever done that. (Hint: It is heavily pictorial and beautiful, and that is all I can share for now.) Keep checking back.

–Social Media–

Finally, as you know, I kicked Facebook (for the most part)and Twitter (completely) out of my life, but getting people to migrate to better platforms has been like swimming upstream. At last they are coming — not on The Sea Pearl MeWe page so much yet — but other people are migrating their personal accounts to MeWe at least. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more changes with the legal and political contentions going on. Personally, I have started sending real (typed) mail again to a couple of people and supporting the U.S. Postal Service in the process. Anti-industrialist that I sometimes am, even I will use what is necessary to reach others — even social media platforms. But I am definitely trying to migrate back to in-person relationships with people I already know. It’s healthier and needful to live in person with people.