My World

Dauncing (bright Lady) then began to be,
When the first seeds whereof the world did spring
The Fire, Ayre, Earth, and water did agree,
By Love’s perswasion, Nature’s mighty King,
To leave their first disordred combating;
And in a daunce such measure to observe,
As all the world their motion should preserve.”

SIR JOHN DAVIES, Orchestra or a Poeme of Dauncing

Inside every person is a world potentially as beautiful and terrible as our spinning universe. Here is a small sample of my world and some of the projects and things I’m connected with.


“The Library-Museum: An Inquiry into the Nature of a Hybridized Cultural Institution”

I am firstly a writer, but specifically a writer interested in sorting out what adds value to our lives (“explore and embrace”). Museums and libraries have the broad resources to help us do that, and so I felt I had opened up a fair enough study of the unique potential and challenges of institutions that are library-and-museum all at once. This is my thesis from some years ago for which I still get occasional requests.

Melville Holmes, Artist

Melville Holmes, Artist

I created the content and customization for my husband’s site and think it captures what he is about. An artist, craftsman, and scholar, the old masters have always been his wellspring of inspiration, though he would call himself a “progressive traditionalist.” We both believe that objects of beauty and contemplation are necessary to nourish the human spirit.

Style Freedom

Develop Your Style Philosophy

Have you ever wondered why people wear certain things in China but not in Europe? Or toyed with the idea of dressing in a chiton like the ancient Greeks? I have. For several years I made a research project out of the topic of personal style, discovered a unified theory of aesthetics that seemed to speak to many kinds of endeavors, and lastly published my findings with instructions on my original emphasis on developing a personal style philosophy. You can see what I came up with on my other site, Style Pearl Central.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: