Not a one of these people endorses me (and I didn’t ask them to). These are just some of the best resources I found, but in the end, I did it my own danged way. :)


Color: The Essence of You. Suzanne Caygill.

Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste, and Style (Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style). Tim Gunn.

Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte.

The Triumph of Individual Style: A Guide to Dressing Your Body, Your Beauty, Your Self. Carla Mason Mathis and Helen Villa Connor.

Shopping for the Real You: Ten Essential Steps to the Perfect Wardrobe. Andrea Pflaumer.


12 Blueprints. Christine Scaman.

16 Style Types. Jill Chivers, Jane Kise, Imogen Lamport.

Adriana Cizikova, Smart Colour Analysis System. (use Google Translator) Adriana Cizikova.

Chrysalis Colour. Christine Scaman.

Get the Look. Olga Brylinska

Inside Out Style Blog. Imogen Lamport.

Jennifer Butler Color. Jennifer Butler

John Kitchener, Personal Style Counselors. John Kitchener.

Pretty Your World. Lora Alexander.

The Science of Personal Dress. Irenee Riter.

Shopping For the Real You. Andrea Pflaumer.

Truth is Beauty. Rachel

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Aly Art

Merriam Style

Pinterest Boards

Adriana Cizikova

Color Wheel

David Zyla

Get the Look

Truth is Beauty

The Seaside Antiquarian – My Own A + C + P = Style Philosophy!!!

Special Acknowledgments to:

Christine Scaman for her brave research and for taking all my questions seriously

John Kitchener for setting me on the right path

Adriana Cizikova for confirming my colors

Pat, an internet friend in Canada who gave me courage