Style Freedom

In 2010, someone suggested that my style could be a lot better. I was no stranger to the topic of color and style analysis, but there had always been too much conflicting information. When I finally got it right, the implications of what I learned made me wonder why I had never seen the possibility of how this could unify so many facets of my life.

A perfect backlit shot of the real “me” on the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, WA. I spent the ride back–alone on deck–studying the mystery of the sky and water. I often feel happier in the quiet of a corner than in the center of a room–and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Like many end-users of the wonderful consultation services (and great talent!) available to us in the 21st century, I was in search of my personal style, but didn’t realize that objective principles and personal style are two different things:

In my opinion, personal style begins with life. Your life’s energy and outlook express a coherent theme, but you need aesthetic principles to communicate that and a way to work with it in a shifting environment.

I figured out a self-help strategy based on the principle that Aesthetics + Personality + Context = Personal Style. It builds upon many things you may already know. However, it is primarily a style philosophy (not a consultation service) and it works (but you have to think)! The result was personal style freedom — and I am very big on freedom. See my personal story, “Beyond the Silver Glass.”

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