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When You Can’t Figure Out How to Proceed

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes (1824-1898), CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

If it’s true that only ten percent of people using the Internet create content, then that’s encouraging if you have something you really want to share. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if only ten percent of people doing anything are actually the ones who discover and transmit the knowledge of whatever it is they know how to do.

Only a few months ago I cooked up that formula: Art + Engineering = Success. Then the other night I was entertaining a special friend who happens to be (in my opinion) the best ballet instructor in town. I shared that idea with her and her eyes went wide. “Yes! That’s it!” she said. “That’s what I teach my pupils, only I tell them it’s Art plus Science.”

Ah . . . Art plus Science. Of course. She is teaching her pupils anatomy, how the body functions so they don’t injure themselves. It’s not even just about how things work but what makes them tick in the first place.

During the lockdowns when the future of the dance academy became uncertain, my friend had the studio’s website redesigned. She claims it was the best investment she ever made, and enrollment actually soared. I took a look. The site was not as beautiful as the previous one had been, but apparently the art of it was not the only important factor. It needed a little engineering to address the present need for classroom instruction from home.

With that in mind, I want to share an interview with Imogen Lamport, a lady I have followed online for some years now. She started a business with no idea of how it was going to actually happen. And, like me, she began with the simplest of web sites and no idea how to program html code. I found her advice completely relevant to some things I’m undertaking just now. Even if you aren’t focusing on an online endeavor but just want to accomplish something else, you will likely find some good thoughts in here about how to proceed with a percolating idea.

Inspirational Spaces

For me, decorating is all about freedom and idiot-proofing your life, but it’s also about beauty, quiet spaces, and room to dream. If you ever wondered why you can’t achieve an Architectural Digest home no matter how hard you try, perhaps this is why: You really live in your home (unlike those other people whose homes appear in magazines). Additionally, there may be other people in your household who are messy, have aesthetic sensibilities different from yours, or perhaps you move around a bit and what worked in one abode doesn’t work in the next. Decorating Freedom is a practical set of pages I’ve put in the menu above to help you reconcile your busy life with the space you truly inhabit.


Work is proceeding extremely well on a concept format I’m creating for an online publication to replace the previous venue that became inappropriate for what I do. In fact, I’m entertaining a vague notion of splitting my interests between three main sites. I’ll know more once I figure out if the concept format is a “go.”